This product has a nice tobacco smell to it.

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These products are 100% tobacco free! When you use them no tobacco by-products are created, produced, or ingested during use.

Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks are exactly what they sound like:  nicotine toothpicks.  These products are made in the USA by Pixotine Products from Jupiter, Florida.  As e-cigarettes, dip, and chewing tobacco are facing more and more restrictions, Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks are a good alternative for those who want to discretely enjoy nicotine!  These products are made of birch wood and are infused with a high-quality USP grade nicotine extract, vegetable glycerin, and flavors that are listed with the FDA as food additives.  These products are 100% tobacco free!  When you use them no tobacco by-products are created, produced, or ingested during use.   


You may be asking yourself how these works.  Well, it's quite simple!  You open the little flap on the container, take one out, and put it in your mouth like a regular toothpick.  Your saliva does all the work - it aids in drawing out the nicotine, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream.  You can chew on this, which helps release the nicotine more quickly as needed.  They kick in anywhere between 1 minute to 15 minutes after putting one in your mouth.  They're designed to last between 10 minutes to one hour.


Pixotine Tobacco Nicotine Toothpicks - The flavor description says it has "a classic tobacco flavor" and a nicotine content of 3mg per toothpick.  This product has a nice tobacco smell to it, but I can also smell the wood in this; it serves as a nice compliment to the tobacco smell.  The toothpicks are the same size as regular toothpicks and when I use them, I just let them sit in my mouth, occasionally giving them a little chew.  As the nicotine releases, I feel a nice burn in the throat.  The taste is a mild, very lightly sweet tobacco taste.  It almost tastes like there is a mild, light hint of caramel in there, as well.  These have a good nicotine delivery, but they aren't too strong.  I find one provides enough nicotine to curb my cravings for up to an hour.  Generally, I'm able to keep these in my mouth for about 30 minutes on average.  I really enjoy these products.  They're good to keep in your pocket and use after meals, or whenever you get a craving for nicotine! 


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