Warm, rich notes of freshly brewed mocha

Nicotine Pouches, ZYN
A flavor with "warm, rich notes of freshly brewed mocha".  The aroma is a sweet smell of caramel with a light hint of coffee in the background.

ZYN is a relatively new product from Swedish Match which was launched a few years ago.  It has been gradually growing in popularity since its 2015 launch in a handful of markets.  ZYN now comes in 6 flavors: Cool Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Coffee, and Cinnamon.  ZYN is rather interesting as it can be stored at room temperature for a whole year.  It is also interesting because it has a child resistant lock.  It can be a little challenging at first, but just line up the arrows on the side and it pops right open. 

ZYN is a product that contains nicotine, but no tobacco.  The pouches contain flavor, non-tobacco filler, nicotine salts, and pH balancers.  The nicotine itself is tobacco derived, but there's no tobacco in ZYN.  Each can contain 15 pouches weighing at 0.4 grams each.  You'll notice these are quite flat and dry in terms of appearance; they don't look like most other pouches!


ZYN Coffee 03 is said to have a flavor with "warm, rich notes of freshly brewed mocha".  The aroma is a sweet smell of caramel with a light hint of coffee in the background.  When you put a pouch in, you'll notice that they are rather dry, but they aren't too uncomfortable.  The pouches get moister the longer you have them in the lip, and the moister they get, the more comfortable they get!  The flavor is a present taste of caramel.  The flavor of coffee is behind it and comes through in a natural way with a touch of sweetness.  Even though I don't drink coffee, I enjoyed the taste of this one!  With the 3mg version, the nicotine feels to be a little less prominent.  It is noticeable, but it isn't too strong.  It reminds me of mini portion snus in terms of strength.  I notice the flavor, on average, to last between 30 to 40 minutes.


ZYN is a great product line from Swedish Match with a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.  If you’re looking to try a nicotine pouch product, ZYN is definitely worth trying out!


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