It is not a one-man job but a shared responsibility

Theodor at Nicokick
Unfortunately several millions of cans and pouches end up in the wild and we have a shared responsibility between consumers, customers and suppliers to solve this together


Help us make a better world, together!

The importance of environmental issues is increasing every day. These issues affect us all but it has also helped us to an increased awareness of this important topic. 

In order to make these important changes, we have to commit together. This is not a one-man job but instead a shared responsibility. A shared responsibility between consumers, customers and suppliers. So today we’re going to talk a little bit about how everyone can help and how Nicokick is working with these questions.

Consumers Responsibility

At, we know the importance of offering attractive products for the environmentally-conscious consumer. That’s why we offer a wide selection of nicotine products from trusted suppliers. Go to all of our products ->

The importance of using the lid

So you just received your order with fresh nicotine products from What now? unfortunately several millions of these cans and pouches end up in the wild. This amounts to many tonnes of plastic and metal. This waste material does not just hurt the environment but also both animals and humans. For a nicotine pouch, it takes 1-5 years before it Biodegradable and plastic takes 400 years. So make sure that after you’ve enjoyed your nicotine pouch, please use the disposal lid on the can or throw it in the nearest trash bin. Even if nicotine pouches can be used anywhere, anytime, make sure to not throw your pouches in the nature!

Suppliers Responsibility

At, we have a strict policy that we require or suppliers to follow. This is to ensure that we offer attractive products for our environmentally-conscious customers. Furthermore, to ensure that the consumer has a trustful place to buy their favorite nicotine products. Go to all of our products ->

Suppliers information

We strive for all of our suppliers to use environmentally friendly materials in their packaging. Moreover, to use recycled paper in the cardboard boxes and the plastic used in the plastic boxes has a low chemical content which in turn generates lower emissions. We’re always working closely with our suppliers with environmental issues. For example, some of our suppliers have all their factories ISO 14001 certified and we continuously work together towards raising environmental goals. We share resources and ideas on a monthly basis.

Nicokicks Responsibility

At, we continuously work together towards raising environmental goals. And as stated in the Nicokick Story - that our ambition is not just sales and that we want to be a part of something bigger. This mindset is applied through all our companies. For example, in Norway - we offer our customers to recycle their cans. you can read more about that on here

We have learned that It is possible to reduce costs significantly by acting climate-smart. We do so by carefully plan the whole purchasing process and thus reduce our product waste. These strategic decisions have helped us 

  • To offer the best and most fresh nicotine products with the right characteristics to the right consumer.

  • Develop cooperation and increase the demands on suppliers and contractors.

So take join us in the fight against the environmental issues and get your favorite nicotine products without burdening your conscience


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