Put a pouch under your upper lip and enjoy! 

Nicotine Pouches, on!
ON! comes in three strengths:  2mg, 4mg and 8mg. 8mg is for those who really want to feel a kick. 

ON! Nicotine Pouches are products that contain nicotine, but no tobacco.  ON! Nicotine Pouches are produced by Chill of Sweden in, of course, Sweden.  These products contain nicotine derived from tobacco, but no actual tobacco.  They crystalize the nicotine, which provides for a faster release than that of regular tobacco products.  ON! is used much like snus - you put a pouch under your upper lip and enjoy!  ON! comes in three strengths:  2mg, 4mg and 8mg.  2mg is for those with a low nicotine craving whereas 8mg is for those who really want to feel a kick.  Each can contain 20 nicotine pouches and is slimmer in size, so it fits great in your pocket!


ON! Mint 8mg has a "crisp mint flavored pouches leave your mouth feeling cool and refreshed".  The aroma of these is a light, airy mint smell with tones of menthol.  The pouches themselves are small and relatively dry.  While not comfortable at first, they do get more comfortable the longer you have them in and the moister they get.  The flavor is much like the aroma.  The mint flavor is light, gentle, and mildly sweet.  There is a light hint of menthol in the background, as well.  This product is at the 8mg nicotine level, which is the highest of the ON! series.  This is going to be for those with stronger nicotine cravings.  Comparing this to snus, this product feels to be comparable to regular strength Swedish Snus.  Not too light, not too strong, but just right.  I can usually keep these in and enjoy the flavor for between 20-30 minutes on average.


If you’re looking for a nicotine pouch product with a light, fresh taste of mint - ON! Mint may be just what you’re looking for!


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